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  1. Education

  2. RPA has strived to assist school systems in meeting budgetary requirements while delivering classrooms that function and provide the best value available. RPA understands that technology is driving collaborative learning and classrooms require flexibility in design and function.

  3. RPA offers a wide selection of products that will create exceptional learning environments. Mobility with interchangeable design features allow classrooms to evolve and adapt to the constant change facing education today. Allow RPA to demonstrate how flexible design can positively influence your classroom for years to come.

  4. Health Care

  5. RPA Inc. offers a wide variety of options in hospital storage and furnishings from casework and millwork in all veneer styles to Stainless Steel specialty cabinetry for surgery rooms and laboratories. RPA has over forty years of experience in the hospital markets across the southeast. We have successfully provided solutions to state of the art facilities providing nurse stations, pharmacy, patient rooms and laboratory cabinetry.

  6. Contact RPA to learn about AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY (SILANE-BASED) for protection against bacteria and other microbes that cause staining, deterioration and odors to protect patients.


  8. Religious/Worship

  9. RPA offers multiple sanctuary seating options along with flexible space division products and storage solutions.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can provide the answers to designing your sanctuary or Sunday school or Family Center.


  11. Over 50 Years of Serving

  12. Alabama                North Florida                Georgia

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